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            浙江臺州東鵬建材有限公司創建于2003年.是一家以實力投資為主體,綜合性高科技,多元化的大型民營企業,本公司占地面積 3 萬平方米.具有標準化的生產工業園.環境優美,交通便捷。

            公司先后從德國引進了目前先進的生產技術及高科技設備,專業生產注冊商標“鵬通”"鵬通萬能“”牌PP-R 管材、管件、玻纖增強納米 PP-R 管材、管件、 PE 管材、管件、PE-RT地暖管材、PVC 管材及電工套管等產品。


            目前公司還在國內 200 多個城市建立了營銷網絡,設立了辦事處,特約經銷商共 400 多家,產品遍布國內30多個省市、自治區,并出口東南亞及中東等地區。


      Zhejiang Taizhou Dongpeng Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is a large-scale private enterprise with strength investment as its main body, comprehensive high-tech and diversified. The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters. With a standardized production industrial park. Beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

            The company has introduced advanced production technology and high-tech equipment from Germany, specializing in the production of registered trademark "Pengtong" brand PP-R pipe, pipe fittings, glass fiber reinforced nano PP-R pipe, pipe fittings, PE pipe, pipe fittings, PE- RT floor heating pipe, PVC pipe and electrical casing and other products.

            Since its establishment, the company has been in line with the development trend of “constructing steel for steel” in China’s pipeline industry, adhering to the business philosophy of “quality as the foundation, honesty as the tenet, management as the foundation, technological innovation and development”. Market, scale up, and create brands.

            At present, the company has established a marketing network in more than 200 cities in China, set up offices, and has more than 400 special dealers. The products are distributed in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

            All employees of the company adhere to the tenet of “Quality-oriented, customer-oriented”, carry forward the spirit of dedication and pursuit of better, and sincerely provide customers with good products and satisfactory services.